Weight Loss Challenge

The weight loss challenge is a 12 week course providing weight loss coaching, nutrition education, tips and advice and lots of help and support. The course is designed to


help you understand how to lose weight, have loads of energy and help keep the weight off.

Every attendee of the weight loss challenge is offered a comprehensive wellness questionnaire, professional body composition analysis and advice on simple changes they can make to improve their lifestyle.

During the challenge you can lose weight in anywhere you choose, so if you're already have a plan that you know works for you then you can use that. Or if you need help and ideas of more effective ways to lose weight you'll have your own personal coach to help you find the right plan for you.

We have a weekly weigh and measure this is all done in private, between you and your coach and is not shared with a group. Signficantly its a body compostion test that covers body fat%, metabolic age, hydration levels and more.

Each week in the classes we will cover different topics ,so you can learn, and then some gradual changes and begin to make healthy choices. Your coach will support new throughout the whole 12 weeks both in the classes and other times two. The cost is TBA for the full 12 weeks. There will be small weekly prizes and rewards and a large cash prizes at the end of the course too, so as well as all the health benefits its an added incentive to lose weight

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