Wellness Evaluations

The Keys to Wellness

Every day we search for ways to feel better; this makes our days more enjoyable for ourselves as well as those around us. The recipe for success is a balanced diet combined with sufficient water intake, along with exercise. By combining these three keys to daily wellness, you are giving yourself the opportunity to feel good day after day.

7-Step Plan for Optimum Wellness:

Step-1 - Define Your Wellness Goals

What it is we are trying to achieve? Take some time to sit down and picture what you want to look like, your ideal weight, jeans size, fitness level and lifestyle. Maybe you have a photo of how you were at a point in the past and you would like to re-attain this. Visualise the end result.

Step-2 - Have an Evaluation of Your Personal Wellness

Now that you have an idea of where you want to get to it is a good idea to know exactly where you are starting from. This is where a Personal Wellness Evaluation comes in. Call in to see us at the Wellness Point or ring for an appointment for a free Wellness Evaluation. During this you will find out the composition of your body including:

  •   Your Weight - An accurate measure of your weight.
  •   % Body Fat - It is very important to find out the amount of fat in your body and whether this is within a healthy range for your age or not    * .
  •   Visceral Fat Level - Not only the % fat is important but how it is distributed within your body.
  •   Bone Mass - Healthy bones are important and we measure your bone mass to establish if it is within the healthy range.
  •   % Water - Your body is composed of more than 75% water, we measure your hydration levels to see if you drink enough water.
  •   Body Type - This reading will give you an indication of the type of body you have.
  •   Metabolic Age - You will find out how old or young your body really is. This age can vary dramatically from your age in years.
  •   Body Mass Index - Are you within the healthy range for your age, you will find out with this measurement.

In addition we will ask you a number of non-intrusive health an vitality questions to establish how your body is reacting to your nutrition.

Step-3 - Identify the Areas You Need to Work On

Your Personal Wellness Coach will help guide you in identifying the areas you need to work on to improve you health and vitality.

Step-4 - Recommendations on How to Reach Your Wellness Goals

After the Wellness Evaluation is completed you will be informed and educated as to what your body composition now and what you can do to  change it for the better to help reach your goals. Your Personal Wellness Coach will guide you through areas such as:

  •   The Importance of Water for Your Body
  •   The Double Trap of Daily Nutrition
  •   Free Radicals and Antioxidants
  •   Vitamins & Minerals
  •   Falling Nutrient Levels in Our Food
  •   Bone Mass & Minerals
  •   The Importance of Protein in the Body
  •   The Consequences of Nutrient Deficiency
  •   Body Fat & Visceral Fat, How it Affects our Health
  •   The Importance of Regular Exercise
  •   How Important it is to Have a Proper Breakfast and What to Have
  •   When to Eat During the Day

Step-5 - Make an Action Plan that You can Commit To

Your Personal Wellness Coach will help you to make a realistic action plan that you can actually stick to, after all the majority of health and weight management plans fail because the goals or the action plan is unrealistic.

Step-6 - Ongoing Support

It is no good going through all of the above if you do not get the support you need to continue when it gets tough. Your Personal Wellness Coach is on hand to guide you and answer any questions you may have on an ongoing basis. This is a lifestyle change not a 4-week plan that you stop and go back to the old ways straight afterwards.

Step-7 - Review Your Progress Regularly

This is vital for continued success and to stay the new healthy you that you have discovered. Your Personal Wellness Coach will be in contact with you regularly to check how you feel, and periodically to carry out a review.

Call Wellness Point to find your nearest club and to arrange your Personal Wellness Evaluation.

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